Safety Management for Practitioners (SMxP EN)

Safety Management for Practitioners (SMxP EN)

Member-ICAO Course
Prerequisite Course: Safety Management (SM EN): Online


The Safety Management for Practitioners course focuses on Safety Risk Management and Safety Assurance. It aims to provide qualified Safety Management System (SMS) staff with a comprehensive application of operational safety management processes and practical examples on the use of IT tools to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of safety management activities.

This course is also an elective course in the ACI-ICAO Airport Safety Professional (ASP) designation programme.

Learning Objectives

After successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify hazards following a systematic and consistent approach;
  • Mitigate safety risks following a systematic and consistent approach;
  • Manage changes to the system in a safe manner;
  • Assess safety reports through a safety screening and internal investigation;
  • Prepare a safety audit/survey for assessing performance of the process;
  • Design a safety performance monitoring scheme.


  • Module 0: Introduction
  • Module 1: Hazard Identification
  • Module 2: Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Module 3: Change Management
  • Module 4: Report & Internal Investigation
  • Module 5: Safety Performance Monitoring

Primary Target Population

  • Service provider staff working for an air operator, approved maintenance organization, design/manufacturing organization, aerodrome operator, air traffic services provider or aviation training organizations that are involved in the following SMS activities: 
  • Safety data and safety information collection
  • Hazard identification
  • Safety Risk Management
  • Accident/Incident Investigations
  • Safety data and safety information analysis
  • Change management
  • Safety audits and surveys
  • Safety Performance Monitoring



The Safety Management Online Course is a mandatory prerequisite for the classroom course of the Safety Management for Practitioners (SMxP).

Entry Requirements

Basic knowledge of SMS or SSP provided by any type ofcourse

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Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Instructor-led (In-person and Virtual)
5 Days / 33 Hours
6 Days / 36 Hours
Level: Technical