Aerodrome Inspection

Aerodrome Inspection

159/002/AGA/AIR INSP
Standardized Training Package


This STP will provide aerodrome inspectors with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to ensure that aerodrome inspection procedures are implemented appropriately in order to achieve the goal of safe and efficient aerodrome operations.

Learning Objectives

After having successfully completed this course, the trainees will be able to:

  • Employ standard communication phraseology required for safely conducting aerodrome inspection;
  • Conduct an Aerodrome Surface Inspection;
  • Conduct an inspection of Visual aids and navigational aids (NAVAIDs);
  • Verify airside access and movement in airside areas;
  • Conduct an inspection for the application of safety measures in airside operations;
  • Verify the application of Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs);
  • Inspect the presence of wildlife;
  • Conduct an inspection of Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (ARFFS);
  • Conduct an inspection of a Safety Management System (SMS).

Primary Target Population

Primary Target population is current entry level aerodrome inspectors and aerodrome agents to become aerodrome inspectors.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • Agents or employees who are currently working for an airport and have completed secondary education
  • Good oral and written command of the language of instruction.

Delivery Requirements:

In order for this course to be delivered at an optimum level, it is essential to have a minimum of two full-time instructors highly qualified in the many diverse aspects of aerodrome inspection. Where necessary, other resource instructors may be required for specific specialized areas of the course. When not directly involved in the presentation of the course material, one instructor should undertake the task of correcting tests and exercises so as to provide timely feedback to participants. An administrative assistant is required to complement the instructors by providing all material back-up during the course delivery.

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11 - 15 Nov, 2024
UTC+09:00 (Seoul) time zone
1,200.00 USD
10 - 14 Nov, 2025
UTC+09:00 (Seoul) time zone
1,200.00 USD
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Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Instructor-led (In-person and Virtual)
5 Days / 35 Hours
5 Days / 35 Hours
Level: Technical