Subject Matter Expert Online Application

The ICAO Subject Matter Expert Roster (SMER) is an electronic pool of experts eligible to be selected for the development of ICAO-recognized training packages (e.g. provision of advice, preparation of technical content, review and/or validation of course material). All Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) included in the Roster must have undergone the SME approval process. The SMER may also be used to identify and task SMEs in contributing to the development of ICAO guidance material and tools. The ICAO SMER will identify experts by their gender.

For the purposes of the SMER, a Subject Matter Expert (SME) is defined as a highly experienced person in a given regulatory or operational field who can provide authoritative technical inputs during course development. This contribution can be remote via Skype discussions, interviews, document submissions, and/or by working alongside the course developers and technical experts within ICAO.