SORA- Safety Ocurrence Reporting for Practitioners (SORxP)

SORA- Safety Ocurrence Reporting for Practitioners (SORxP)

209/043/SMS SORA
Standardized Training Package


Develop specific competencies in order to ensure Safety related staff to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes applicable to the gathering, management and analysis of safety information (occurrences, incidents and accidents) within SMS/SSP frameworks.

Learning Objectives

At the successful completion of this course, trainees will get competencies to efficiently:


  •    Consistently support the effective implementation of regulations and procedures related with safety occurrence reporting
  •    Define and support the implementation of functional requirements for safety occurrence reporting systems in accordance with applicable State regulations
  •    Manage an effective safety occurrence reporting system by implementing data protection measures, applying suitable taxonomies and ensuring data quality to enable further conversion from safety data to safety information


  • Module 0: Introduction
  • Module 1: Safety Reporting Regulations
  • Module 2: Safety Reporting System Design
  • Module 3: Safety Reporting Promotion
  • Module 4: Safety Reports Collection
  • Module 5: Safety Reports Assessment

Primary Target Population

Primary: personnel directly involved in occurrence reporting tasks, either at service provider level or civil aviation authorities

Entry Requirements

Broad aviation/technical skills, and a sound knowledge of aviation operations.

All this should be complemented with deep knowledge on regulation and principles within SMS/SSP frameworks.

Potential profiles integrating Safety Analysis Staff are:

•          Pilots

•          Air traffic controllers

•          Flight Dispatchers

•          Flight Operations Experts

•          Engineers

•          Maintenance/Technical Control Managers

•          Human Factors/CRM Experts


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Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Classroom
Duration: 4 Days / 22 Hours
Level: Technical
Max Participants: 15