Air Transport Pricing Strategy

Air Transport Pricing Strategy

Partner-ICAO Course


The air transport sector is often seen as a kind of laboratory for the design and implementation of the new pricing mechanisms. This course zooms in on pricing as a key strategic tool in air transport and considers in detail the various aspects of its theoretical underpinning. Traditional, as well as innovative pricing systems, are discussed in relation to spill rates, rate reduction, rate restrictions, dynamic slot allocation, multiple discount classes and route assignment.The scope of the course extends beyond airlines to the pricing strategies of other players in the air transport 

Learning Objectives

  • The scope of economic and financial effects produced by pricing
  • The scope of price and revenue optimization
  • The role of pricing in the business development strategies;
  • Strategic diversification related to capacity allocation, overbooking, markdown, etc.
  • Non-uniform pricing
  • Pricing with supply constraints
  • Pricing under public service obligations constraints
  • Pricing for policy analysis
  • Decide on pricing strategies in the face of changing scenarios;
  • Use negotiation skills in the implementation of pricing strategies

Primary Target Population

The course will be focused on the relation between the following groups of stakeholders: Airlines; Airports; Air Navigation; Service Providers, Ground Handlers. 

The primary target is students willing to evolve as experts in Air Transport Pricing, as well as staff of the stakeholders willing to evolve in their careers

Entry Requirements

Basic concept on micro-economics

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Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Instructor-led (In-person)
Duration: 10 Days / 52 Hours
Level: Management