Airport Management

Airport Management

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Airports are crucial nodes for passenger and cargo throughput. This course takes a detailed look at the various aspects that affect demand, supply, market equilibrium and airport competitiveness. Special attention is devoted to the identification and quantification of mutual relationships between all actors operating in airport environments, including airport authorities, carriers, goods-handlers, agents, fuel suppliers and concession holders. This constitutes the basis for analysing the implications of alternative management strategies by airport authorities and shareholders (public, private or mixed).


Learning Objectives

  • familiar with the different facets of airport management;
  • aware of the different actors playing a part in airport management and their underlying relationships;
  • able to analyse and solve specific problems of airport management;
  • able to prepare, carry out and follow up policy-related advice concerning the broader area of airport management;
  • able to critically assess the management of an airport;
  • able to critically assess own research results or solutions to complex cases concerning airport management;
  • able to comprehensively present and report results in good English, adapted to the audience

Primary Target Population

  • Students aiming to pursue a career in Airport Management;
  • Airport staff following the executive track;
  • Consultants aiming to be experts in Airport Management

Entry Requirements

Basic air transport economics and business principles;

Basic technology and innovation concepts.

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Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Instructor-led (In-person)
Duration: 10 Days / 52 Hours
Level: Management