Overview of Unmanned Aviation Fundamentals (OUAF EN): Online

Overview of Unmanned Aviation Fundamentals (OUAF EN): Online

ICAO Course


This interactive online course provides clear explanations of the differences between manned and unmanned aviation, operational and technical limitations of UA/UAS, RPA/RPAS, and other unmanned aviation operational aspects. This course also addresses the certification requirements and processes, State and CAA Safety Inspector’s roles and responsibility for oversight.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • identify differences between manned and unmanned aviation
  • describe the scope of unmanned aviation
  • introduce the operation-centric, risk-based approach and safety management system (SMS)
  • explain performance-based, prescriptive, and competency-based regulations
  • identify requirements for airworthiness
  • explain remote pilot licensing
  • describe UAS and RPAS operator certification
  • explain equipment certification
  • understand documentation requirements
  • identify State responsibility for safety oversight
  • define the roles of CAA Safety Inspectors in UAS safety oversight
  • describe the CAA's oversight of UOC, UA Authorizations and ROCs
  • explain how regulatory compliance may be achieved

Course Structure:

  • Course Introduction
  • Unit 1 - Introduction to Unmanned Aviation
  • Unit 2 - Certification Requirements and Processes for Unmanned Aviation
  • Unit 3 - Oversight of Unmanned Aviation Activities
  • Final Exam

Primary Target Population

Civil Aviation Authorities, Member States, and other aviation industry professionals involved in policy development, regulations, safety, and operations.

Course Fee

200.00 USD
Women Discount: 10% off
CAA Employee: 150.00 USD
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Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Online
Duration: 2 Hours
Level: Technical