Flight Permission Officer

Flight Permission Officer

300/019/FLT PER OFF
Standardized Training Package


Course Aim (Goal): To provide Flight Permission Officers with the necessary Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes required to handle flight permission requests/ notifications efficiently and effectively in accordance with applicable national and internationally prescribed standards and recommended practices.

Learning Objectives

Course Objectives:

  • Manage Scheduled Flight Permission Request.
  • Handle Commercial Non-Scheduled Flight Permission Request.
  • Follow up Diplomatic Flight Permission Approval.
  • Deal with Urgent Flight Permission Request.


  • Module 0: Introduction
  • Module 1: Managing Scheduled Flight Permission
  • Module 2: Commercial Non-Scheduled Flight Permission Request (FPR)
  • Module 3: Diplomatic and Urgent Flights

Primary Target Population

Target Population:

  • The Primary T/P includes flight permission officers, ground operations officers, ground handling services agents, and slot allocation coordinators.
  • The secondary T/P includes; airlines operation staff, flight service providers, flight safety inspectors and aviation security officers.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements:

At least 2 years experience in Civil Aviation and/or Air Transport industry

Delivery Requirements:

Group training in the classroom, includes Presentations, Exercises, Discussions and Mastery Tests.

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11 - 15 Aug, 2024
Amman, Jordan
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6 - 10 Oct, 2024
Amman, Jordan
1,500.00 USD
1 - 5 Dec, 2024
Amman, Jordan
1,500.00 USD
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Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Instructor-led (In-person)
Duration: 5 Days / 30 Hours
Level: Technical