Aeronautical Internet Protocol Network (AIPN) Maintenance

Aeronautical Internet Protocol Network (AIPN) Maintenance

163/078/COM MTC AIPN
Standardized Training Package


The course will provide the participants (ATSEP) with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes required to maintain the Aeronautical Internet Protocol Network (AIPN) in an effective and efficient manner.

Learning Objectives

  • Maintain AIPN and associated equipment in normal operations
  • Respond to AIPN failure alarm
  • Check hardware of AIPN abnormalities
  • Check software of AIPN abnormalities
  • Conduct quality check of AIPN
  • Recover failure of AIPN


Primary Target Population

  • The primary target population is the Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) who are working at airports.
  • The secondary target population is the Air Traffic Services Flight Information Officers, the Visual Aids and Electrical Engineers/Technicians and the Aeronautical Satellite Operation Specialists.

Entry Requirements

- Secondary school graduates followed by university degree specialized in electronics / basic diploma courses.

- Participants should have basic knowledge and skills of the Internet technology.

- Language of instructions.


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Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Instructor-led (In-person)
Duration: 5 Days / 30 Hours
Level: Technical