Essential Elements of Criminal Air Law for Aviation Professionals

Essential Elements of Criminal Air Law for Aviation Professionals

154/172/CAA LAW EEL
Standardized Training Package


This STP will provide aviation professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to correctly carry out the appropriate procedures during specific safety and security incidents on board of an aircraft and in an aerodrome according to the regulatory framework and taking into account the chain of command, responsibilities and liabilities.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the applicable legal framework in international civil aviation (ICAO, States, etc.);

  • Execute the respective roles of different categories of aviation personnel within the specific applicable legal framework;

  • Identify the borderline between legal and safety and security operational frameworks, with focus on responsibility and liability actions;

  • Carry out specific and appropriate procedures in given situations and legal framework in place.

Primary Target Population

Aviation personnel in direct contact with passengers (Pilots and Cockpit Crew, Cabin Crew, Air Police Officers, Aerodrome firefighters; Ground operations personnel)


Entry Requirements

Accredited aviation personnel

Good command of working English (specific terminology is used in the course materials that requires learners to be able to understand the course materials and respond to assessment questions)


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Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Online
Duration: 18 Hours
Level: Management