Aeronautical Safety College (ASC)

Osaka, Japan


The Aeronautical Safety College is the only institution in Japan that provides specialized education for personnel in charge of air navigation services, dedicated to maintaining aviation safety in various fields.
Personnel are strongly required to perform their duties with deep knowledge, a sense of responsibility and sound judgement, acknowledging that their duties are directly related to aviation safety and the protection of life.


In order to enable specialists to engage in ensuring safety in air traffic, namely, Air traffic controllers, ATS flight information officers, Air traffic communications specialists, Air traffic safety electronics personnel, Visual aids and electricity specialists, Facilities Management Officers of secondary power systems, etc., to acquire the knowledge and skills as necessary for their duties, the Aeronautical Safety College provides basic training courses.

The Aeronautical Safety College provides advanced education and training by using training equipments which are practical for actual services and promotes the application of internationally-standardized training course development approaches, with the aim of upgrading education and training along with the day-to-day progress in aeronautical safety systems.


The college’s duty is to train and cultivate competent personnel, the most important element in aviation safety duties.We promote the following three spirits, and encourage cooperation with relevant authorities and other stakeholders at our facilities in Senshu, Kansai.
1) A spirit of openness and willingness to learn and develop advanced expertise and workmanship skills, with a desire to continuously evolve and improve.
2) A spirit of teamwork and collaboration in various difficult situations.
3) A spirit of self-reliance and a strong sense of compliance with laws and regulations.

Developed Courses

Aeronautical Internet Protocol Network (AIPN) Maintenance

by Aeronautical Safety College (ASC), Japan
5 Days
Air Navigation Services
Standardized Training Package

Approach Control Procedural Basic

by Aeronautical Safety College (ASC), Japan
15 Days
Air Navigation Services
Standardized Training Package
Legal Status: Governmental
Course Languages: English
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Address: 3-11 Ourai-minami, Izumisano-shi, Osaka, Japan, zip code 598-0047
Osaka, Japan, 598-0047