Performance-Based Navigation Operations Approval (PBN OPS EN): Online

Performance-Based Navigation Operations Approval (PBN OPS EN): Online

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The PBN implementation process represents a shift from sensor-based to performance-based navigation. PBN routes and procedures are designed to meet a required navigation performance (RNP) which is defined in terms of accuracy, integrity, availability, continuity and functionality for the proposed operations in the context of a particular airspace. Commercial air transport operators need to have an operational approval to fly PBN routes and procedures.

The goal of this course is to explain course participants the concept, implementation and operations approval process for PBN.

The following four online modules cover:

  1. Operations Approval. PBN Concept. PBN Operations Approval. States and Regulatory Agencies. State Decisions Influential Factors. Operational Approval Scope. Documentation. Operational Approval Formula.
  2. Operational approval content. Undocumented Certification Options. Certification actions scenarios. Operating Procedures. Flight Planning. Prior to Commencing PBN Operations. During PBN Operations. Non-normal Operations.
  3. Pilot, Dispatch, and Maintenance. Area Navigation principles. Navigation system principles. Equipment, Operations and Functionality. Flight Planning. SID and STARs. Approaches - RNP APCH. Navigation Data Chain. Navigation Database Requirements.
  4. Documentation. Operational Approval Application Documentation. Operational Approval Oversight.

Learning Objectives

  • Characterize the PBN Concept;
  • Define a PBN Approval;
  • Characterize the documentation required for submission;
  • Define the process the regulator will follow.

Primary Target Population

  • Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA);
  • Airline Personnel


Course Fee

300.00 USD
Women Discount: 10% off
CAA Employee: 275.00 USD
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Language: English
Delivery Mode: Online
Duration: 5 Hours
Level: Technical