Aviation Security Inspector Recurrent Training (ASIRT EN): Online

Aviation Security Inspector Recurrent Training (ASIRT EN): Online

ICAO Course


The Aviation Security Inspector Recurrent Training Online Course aims to provide Aviation Security National Auditors/Inspectors with the essential competencies required to maintain a robust national aviation security quality control oversight system. Focusing on auditing and inspecting activities in compliance with Annex 17 – Aviation Security and the ICAO Aviation Security Oversight Manual (Doc 10047).

Course Description

This self-paced, 8-hour online course aims to standardize work practices, enhance quality control skills, and utilize updated information for effective duty performance. Targeted primarily at CAAs and airport officials, the course structure includes a pre-survey, an introduction, multiple focused modules, a final exam, and a post-course evaluation, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the participants should be able to:

  • Reinforce a common understanding of how to evaluate the implementation of a National Civil Aviation Security Programme (NCASP).
  • Standardize work practices to meet the goals of a national quality control policy and programme 
  • Utilize updated information and documentation to carry out their duties as inspectors effectively.
  • Enhance their quality control skills to improve overall inspection effectiveness.

Course Structure

  • Course Introduction
  • Module 1: The Threat to Civil Aviation
  • Module 2: Quality Control Activities
  • Module 3: Inspections and Documentation
  • Module 4: Roles and Responsibilities of Inspectors
  • Module 5: Management of Difficult Situations
  • Final Exam

Key Course Components

Learning Focus Sections:

Introduce new information and offer opportunities for exploration and reinforcement.

Key Terms:

Introduces essential vocabulary and concepts at the beginning of each Focus section.

Discovery Activities:

Make connections with real-world examples.

Closer Look:

Dive deeper into examples or issues.

Review Activity:

Conclude each Focus with an ungraded, feedback-inclusive activity.

Key Points Review:

Finish each Focus by reviewing Key Points before the next.

Checkpoint Quiz:

End each module with an ungraded quiz, always accessible within the course.

Primary Target Population

Primary target audience: 

CAAs and National Aviation Security Auditors/Inspectors, who are currently aviation security auditors and/or inspectors or those with prior national AVSEC regulatory experience within their State. 

Secondary target audience: 

Airport Officials and/or other Stakeholders who play a key role in national civil aviation security quality control activities. 


The Final Exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. The participant requires a grade of 80% to pass. Note that the participant will be granted 3 attempts only. Upon successfully completing the exam, the participant will receive ICAO’s e-Certificate.

Course Fee

400.00 USD
Women Discount: 10% off
CAA Employee: 300.00 USD
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Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Online
Duration: 8 Hours
Level: Technical