Applied Risk Management in Civil Aviation

Applied Risk Management in Civil Aviation

Partner-ICAO Course


This course will be held on 5 consecutive Thursdays, starting on May 2nd, running from 11:00 to 15:00 Eastern Time Zone (ET).

This course is part of the upcoming Programme entitled “Risk Management in Civil Aviation”. This Programme is designed to help participants align and develop an effective risk and resilience aviation management practice in their organizations.

This Programme consists of the following courses:

1) Risk Management Fundamentals (Self-Paced, Online).

2) Applied Risk Management in Civil Aviation (Instructor-led, Virtual).

3) Integrated Risk Management Capstone course (soon to be available.)

Building on the fundamental risk management concepts covered in the first course of the Programme, you will explore how to apply and align related risk and resilience processes and disciplines, such as enterprise risk management, internal controls, emergency response, crisis management, and business continuity management. Using interactive real-world civil aviation risk management case studies and current globally recognized standards and guidelines, you will learn to assess the impact of emerging and top aviation risks such as cyber, artificial intelligence (AI), environmental, and economic risks to support better risk intelligence and decision-making.

Guided by experienced global risk management experts, practitioners, and industry guest speakers, you will examine the steps to align risk and resilience practices, understand how to gain commitment, infuse new energy into your organization, and prepare to integrate your risk program in the future.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Align each of the related risk and resilience disciplines and how they can be applied in the context of aviation risk management;
  • Improve decision-making and better predict, identify, respond to, and manage risks;
  • Describe the current aviation risk landscape and emerging trends;
  • Apply risk and resilience processes with risk management practices at your CAA; and
  • Promote a risk intelligent culture in your organization


  • Module 0: Introduction
  • Module 1: Apply Risk Fundamentals and Build Risk Culture
  • Module 2: Role of Three Lines Model
  • Module 3: Risk and Internal Control in Action
  • Module 4: Align Emergency, Crisis, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to Risk
  • Module 5: Apply Risk Intelligence

Primary Target Population

Aviation leadership, management and operations professionals involved in development and implementation of comprehensive Risk Management programmes at the States level working at Civil Aviation Authorities.

Entry Requirements

To ensure the best learning experience and outcomes, it is strongly recommended to complete the 1st course of the: Risk Management Fundamentals prior to attending this course.

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Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Instructor-led (Virtual)
Duration: 5 Days / 20 Hours
Level: Management