CFM56 Borescope Inspection Course

CFM56 Borescope Inspection Course

Standardized Training Package


The course provides Aircraft Engine Maintenance Technicians and Inspectors with knowledge, skills and attitudes required to perform borescope inspection in accordance with CFM56 Maintenance Manuals, B737-600/700/800/900 or A320 AMM and Borescope Equipment User’s Manuals to achieve the safety of the aircraft.

Learning Objectives

After successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Prepare for borescope inspection of CFM56 Engine. 
  • Conduct borescope inspection on CFM56 Engine.
  • Interpret CFM56 borescope inspection findings.
  • Perform documentation of CFM56 BSI report.


  • Module 0: Introduction
  • Module 1: Preparation for CFM56 Borescope Inspection
  • Module 2: Conducting CFM56 Borescope Inspection
  • Module 3: Interpretation and Documentation of CFM56 BSI Results

Primary Target Population

Aircraft Engine Maintenance Technicians and Inspectors 

Entry Requirements

  • Aircraft Engine Maintenance Technicians & Inspectors with a minimum of three years’ experience on engine maintenance.
  • Able to read, speak, write and understand the English language

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Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Instructor-led (In-person)
Duration: 5 Days / 35 Hours
Level: Technical