Aviation Security Practice for Screening Checkpoint Supervisors

Aviation Security Practice for Screening Checkpoint Supervisors

Standardized Training Package


This refresher course will provide screening checkpoint supervisors with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to continue the administrative and operational oversight of their teams to effectively and efficiently implement procedures in accordance with National/Airport Security Programme.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to;

  1. Determine applicable current international, national and airport aviation security regulations;
  2. Determine the procedures on special categories of passengers and carriage of firearms; and
  3. Conduct assessment of a screening agent.


  • Module 0: Introduction
  • Module 1: Legal Framework on Aviation Security
  • Module 2: Special Categories of Passengers and Carriage of Firearms
  • Module 3: Roles and Responsibilities of Supervisors

Primary Target Population

Airport security supervisors in charge of screening checkpoint

Entry Requirements

At least 1 year job experience as a security supervisor

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Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Instructor-led (In-person)
Duration: 3 Days / 15 Hours
Level: Technical