NOTAM Specialist Course / Online Phase

NOTAM Specialist Course / Online Phase

Standardized Training Package


The course will provide participants with the preliminary knowledge, skills and attitudes required to effectively follow Classroom phase of the 'NOTAM Specialist' Course with optimized duration.

Learning Objectives

By following this course, the trainees will gain the necessary Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes to

  1. Complete and submit the NOTAM Issuance Form for an event driven NOTAM, online
  2. Complete and submit the NOTAM Issuance Form for a scheduled NOTAM, online
  3. Distinguish NOTAM for AIS/AIM HQ and AIS Briefing Office as per the significance of information


  • Module 0: Introduction
  • Module 1: Draft Event Driven NOTAM
  • Module 2: Draft Scheduled NOTAM
  • Module 3: Distinguish Incoming NOTAM

Primary Target Population

Personnel attached to AIS/AIM operational units who are experienced in AIS duties.

Entry Requirements

Trainee should

- Possess at least 3 years’ experience as an AIS/AIM Officer

- Have a good command of English Language

- Be computer literate and be familiar with interctiing with the Internet.

Course Info
Language: English
Delivery Mode: Online
Duration: 30 Hours
Level: Technical