Airport VIP Attendant

Airport VIP Attendant

126/071/MGT AGA ATT
Standardized Training Package


The course provides the airport VIP attendants with necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to ensure that airport VIP guest service is conducted effectively and efficiently, according to the related standards and procedures.

Learning Objectives

Providing VIP Guest Services, including:

  • Provide booking service
  • Provide reception service
  • Provide drop service
  • Provide pick-up service.


Primary Target Population

The current Airport VIP Attendants who need recurrent training.

Entry Requirements

  1. Complete initial training of airport VIP attendant;
  2. Have at least 6 months working experience in the field of airport VIP service.

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Course Info
Language: Chinese
Delivery Mode: Classroom
Duration: 4 Days / 24 Hours
Level: Technical
Max Participants: 30 (50 with 2 instructors)