Airport ISMS Internal Audit

Airport ISMS Internal Audit

311/065/AGA ISMS AUD
Standardized Training Package


This course provides airport ISMS internal auditors with necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to effectively perform airport ISMS internal auditing, according to the related standards and procedures.

Learning Objectives

  • Make preparations for ISMS Internal Audit
  • Carry Out ISMS Internal Audit
  • Provide Feedback to Related Sectors
  • Evaluate the Effectiveness of Corrective Actions

Primary Target Population

New Airport ISMS Internal Auditors 

Entry Requirements

1. Education background of computer science and information technology;

2. Bachelor degree or above;

3. More than two years working experience in the field of information technology;

4. Familiar with airport IT system.

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Course Info
Language: Chinese
Delivery Mode: Classroom
Duration: 3 Days / 18 Hours
Level: Technical
Max Participants: 20 (40 with 2 instructors)